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Strategy Advisor & Purpose Hunter
Founder and CEO of Blacksmith & Prophet.

Areas of Expertise Strategy , Board & Executives Advisory , Transformation & Change Management , Corporate Culture , Ethical Commitment & Values , Cohesion, Leadership & Management

Put meaning, human & vision back to the heart of businesses to better act, coordinate, transform and lead. For nearly 10 years, I have been supporting organizations and their leaders, in France and abroad, to build the company of the future, to solidify their strategy, to align their teams, to rethink their activities. Because the company of tomorrow will be different : it must be visionary, authentic, human & inspiring.

This expertise, this passion, has been built up over time, by advising public and private leaders in various fields of activity (luxury, HR, agribusiness, defense, politics, institutions, security, energy …) and after several years at the Ministry of Defense (in strategy, intelligence and special units).

Aymar de La Mettrie

Senior consultant in innovation and strategic foresight

Areas of expertise Strategic foresight, decision-making in complex environments, stakeholder and market games. Animation and organization of innovation technological eco-systems, intrapreneurship and start’up

Technological evolutions and societal upheavals are accelerating in a more and more interconnected world. The ancient determinism decreases as the complexity of interactions increase and brings management teams up against several questions. In particular ; What are the growth territories and how can I adapt the company’s organization? I assist the management teams to face these two issues; in the understanding of possible scenarios with their related criteria for shaping a beneficial future as well as in establishing an agile and adaptive organizations able to generate and take advantage of the opportunities of their eco-systems

My career is framed around innovation, from the ideation and design of disruptive offers based on technological and sociological trends upto the understanding of the power game of keyplayers that align or forbid the market access for innovative business. This career has taken place in consulting companies as well as in management positions allowing me to bring a balanced vision between the stability necessary for day-to-day operations and the innovation needed to highlight future levers of growth.

Franck Amato

Risk & crisis management senior consultant
Executive director of MYATO Consulting

Areas of expertise Risk analysis, emergency planning, crisis management, impact mitigation measures, continuity plans, team management & leadership.

Each crisis, no matter its nature, reveals an organization’s capacities of resistance and resilience. In order to face emergency and critical situations, I support leaders and their managing teams in the development of their risk management policies and procedures based on internal and external analysis, on the definition of an adapted organization, specific processes and on the crucial tutoring and training of team members.

Agility, situational intelligence, decision-making, and human empathy are qualities that I have developed during my experience as a senior officer in the French armed forces, engaged in highly qualified and demanding units (naval aviation, special forces), in sensitive international environments. This professional experience has been supplemented by a second career as a chirurgical hospital director and as the crisis management head executive for one of the French leading provider of private hospital services.

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